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We Stock: laptops, notebooks, desktops, monitors, keyboards, mice, power adapters, card readers, cables, cases, power supplies, motherboards, CPUs, RAM, SSD's, & m.2 NVME SSD's hard drives, video cards, back up drives, switches, routers, wireless antennas, wireless repeaters,

Laptop power modules


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Custom Desktop Computers

Our standard desktop computer is built within a very high quality durable case with tons of expansion capability.

Our standard power supply is a very high quality 550 Watt design with 120mm ball bearing fan providing longevity, quiet operation and lots of expansion

The heart of the computer is the motherboard. We only use the highest quality motherboards available, made from components that don't degrade with time excepting the CMOS battery that can be replaced for a couple of dollars

Call us for a custom desktop computer with quality, price and upgradeable perfomance not avilab/le from the major computer companies


Custom Gaming Computers



For a gaming machine we like to use a high quality case like an NZXT brand offering great cooling, appearance, cable management,  construction and value. Such cases can easily accommodate dual fan liquid cooling when desired or required. Its all got to match so for this build we are going bold with black and white as its a formal affair.  For a power supply a 750 Watt modular is a great choice to ensure you only use the cables that are necessary. Lets not forget the most important item and thats the video card. Sky is the limit on the price of video cards but you should spend as much on the video card as the motherboard and CPU combined

Call us for a custom Gaming Machine built to your specifications


New Used & Referbished Laptop Computers

HP Envy 360 computers with various upgradeable configurations. Several Asus, Dell and HP 14" and 15.6" laptops